Month: October 2012

  • Han Deqiang and Patriotism

    Han Deqiang and Patriotism

    | October 15th, 2012


    Radical Maoist professor Han Deqiang has become the face of Diaoyu Islands extremists after he slapped an 80-year-old man at a protest in September. At a protest against Japan’s plan to nationalize the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, an elderly man took offense with some of the protesters’ pro-Mao slogans, and Han, a professor at Beijing Aeronautical Institute, slapped him on the face twice and accused him of being an anti-Chinese traitor.

    The mainstream press, including Global Times, Xinhua, a number of CCTV commentators, and People’s Daily have condemned Han, but some radical leftists have rallied behind Han, with the leftwing website Multiple Text calling him a “national hero.” Han, who was a contributor to the Maoist website Utopia, has been criticized by some for his radical nationalism, including his having hosted a lecture titled, “Save China by resisting the US: start preparing for war.”

    Blog Weekly, which published an op-ed in September taking issue with the radicalism” target=_blank>radicalism of some Diaoyu protesters, published an op-ed on the Han incident arguing that Han is representative of the hardline nationalism on display from some of the protesters.

    Bao Limin’s op-ed, which originated in China Youth News on September 25, was republished in the October 5 edition of Blog Weekly. Here is it as it was published in the October 5 edition of Blog Weekly:

    Guard Against the Specter of “Traitor” Slogans

    At protests opposing Japan’s purchase of the Diaoyu Islands, Beijing Aeronautical Institute professor Han Deqiang thought one of his elderly comrades were selling out the country, so he slapped him on the face twice. Since then, he has forcefully proclaimed his just logic for hitting him: The old man was a traitor to China (“han jian”), so he was slapping some sense into him.

    As the Diaoyu controversy gets progressively more heated, there are some examples of speech that should cause concern. “Unpatriotic,” “selling the country out,” “traitor,” and similar slogans, are being used irresponsibly by some people whenever they want to attack those who disagree with them, regardless of whether the targets of abuse are or are not actually taking action to hurt the country.

    In the past few years, the language of internet debate has been turned into slogans, for example “brain-dead” (“nao can”), “50 Cent Party” (“wu mao dang,” a pro-government lackey), “Lead the Way Party [traitor]” (“dai lu dang,” a traitor who would help lead foreign armies into China). Included among these nasty words are “sellout thief” and “anti-Chinese traitor.” This kind of language doesn’t just vilify, belittle and unjustly attack people, moreover, it accuses them of wrongdoing, for no reason at all. With this logic, it is easy to for actions to evolve to the next step, and people can imagine that they are “acting as agents of heaven” (“ti tian xing dao,” a chengyu)–Han Deqiang thought the “sellout” old man deserved to be slapped. And on Weibo, some popular Weibo users have posted, “It doesn’t matter whether it is a female traitor or a male traitor, all traitors should be eliminated.”

    Of course, these expressing these “rallying cries” and actually putting them into action are fundamentally different things, but with this kind of thinking building, citizens must constantly be on guard, because similar logic and ideology has already cause our countrymen to pay a great price, and we can see in front of our eyes that this kind of poison continues to accumulate.

    Everyone is entitled to express their patriotism in different ways. You can aggressively oppose Japan, boycott Japanese goods, take to the streets and protest, and that is patriotism; those who don’t advocate for fighting Japan, those who oppose boycotting Japan, those who don’t protest on the streets, and even those who criticize the pro-Diaoyu protesters’ actions, are they “unpatriotic,” and “sellouts,” and “traitors”?

    “Patriotism” isn’t a word or concept that anyone can use to monopolize and dominate. People who don’t take part in the protests can still be patriots; those who help support the countrymen, even if they don’t support the actions of the anti-Japan movement, can still be patriots; even those who do not sacrifice anything, but who work hard and pay their taxes, they too can be patriots… … [ellipses in article]

    No one can stand on the high ground of “patriotism” and look down upon others, accusing them of being low down and “unpatriotic.” If it’s not black, it’s white. If it’s not this, it’s that. If he’s not a friend, he’s an enemy. This way of thinking not only uses “patriotism,” the two characters (“ai guo”), in the most narrow-minded sense, it furthermore uses the word to cause alienation among people.

    In recent days, in some places, there have been violent incidences involving smashed cars. That is simply taking this logic to it’s extreme end: If you drive a Japanese car or buy Japanese products, not only are you a “sellout” and a “traitor,” don’t you also deserve to have your possessions destroyed? But isn’t the point of patriotism is to make your country better? To make the citizens lives happier? In today’s global economy, to buy a foreign product, and then to see that product smashed, obviously isn’t a better, happier life. Protecting territory and national sovereignty is serving the country’s interests; protecting your fellow citizens’ rights is also serving the country’s sacred and irreproachable national interests.

    A few people issue “eliminate traitors” slogans, viewing it as a non-mainstream ideology, and believe that it can’t cause large scale harm to society, but behind the narrow-minded and extremist specter, we must constantly raise our guard and be vigilant and rethink these kind of words.

  • Diaoyu islands demonstrator severally injured Japanese car owner, caught by police

    Diaoyu islands demonstrator severally injured Japanese car owner, caught by police

    | October 5th, 2012

    From Netease:


    Cai, The suspect who severely injured a Japanese car owner at a anti-Japanese / Protecting Diaoyu island demonstration was caught in Henan Province on Oct 2. The case is currently under investigation. On September 15th, Xi’an residence Li Jianli drove his Japanese brand car and encountered the crowd of anti-Japan demonstration. His car was attacked and damaged by dozens of people and his head was struck 4 times by suspect with a U shaped steel lock, which cracked his skull.

    On October 2nd, the criminal team of Xi’an Police Bureau Lian Hu branch posted a micro blog announcing that the 9.15 demonstration case was cracked and the suspect who attacked Li was caught. The case is still under investigation. The journalist of Western Net then confirmed this news from the police bureau.

    According to the official news from the Police department of Henan Province, the suspect was confirmed to be the one who brutally attacked the owner of a Japanese car. The suspect is transferred to the Xi’an police.


    A screenshot of the micro blog: suspect in the rear seat

    News review: a Japanese car owner’s skull was struck four times

    September 15th, Li Jianli, who drove his Toyota Corolla was attacked by a crowd of people. His head was severely injured by a U-shaped steel lock. His skull was cracked and he was knocked unconscious . His wife was begging those people who were smashing their car, “It’s not easy for us to earn some money to buy a car. It’s our fault that we bought a Japanese car. We promise to never buy it again.”

    The journalist received a video yesterday about the attack. This video showed what had happened at the scene. Li held a brick trying to protect his car, and had conflicts with the activists. He was then hit severely four times in the head and just fell onto the ground.

    The 1 minute and 14 second long video was shot by a netizen. A the time it was very chaotic, the Corolla was under attack by a guy wearing a white t-shirt who held a U-shaped lock and smashing the front windshield of the car. The owner was wearing a black t-shirt. Trying to protect his car, he hit the suspect back with a brick.

    The suspect went back several steps and then rushed to Li, jumping and waving his lock, hitting Li in the head. The lock was hitting exactly in his skull, making a clear sound. Li fell down. The suspect then hit three more times until he was stopped by a young man nearby.

    Li’s wife ran from the other side of the car. Seeing his husband lying on the ground, she pressed against his wound and realized the severity. She turned around and called for help hysterically. Li’s body was paralyzed after a while, lying unconsciously on the ground. There are still sounds of smashing the car in the video.

    The crowed then gathered around Li. A young man in grey took his phone out and shouted: “let’s save this man first, we are all Chinese.” people nearby agreed: “save him first, call 110!”

    Some people then came and moved a van in front of Li. There was already a lot of blood on the ground. The video ended at this point.



    Li’s wife calling for help



    Because Li’s wife Wang was at the other side of the car, she did not see most of the attacking process. Moreover, Li has lost most of his linguistic capability, making it impossible for him to tell the story. The incident lasted only seconds, and no witness can be found. So this video was very precious for solving the crime, it comprehensively and exactly restore the scene for the police. Li was trying to protect his car, but almost lost his life for it.

    Now Li is still in the hospital to receive medical treatment. His condition has not improved yet. Miss Wang said his left leg can move, left hand can lift and grasp. But he can not move his right hand and hardly his right thigh..

    in regards to him protecting his car, law expert said that any citizen has the right and responsibility to do so. Morning of October 1st, the leaders in the Xi’an municipal government and police bureau went to the hospital to see Li Jianli and gave them 20,000 RMB for treatment. They promised to catch the suspect and put him under justice.

    The police have made the photos of the suspect who attacked Li Jianli along with 9 other activists who were involved in the incident public. They encouraged citizens to provide more clues and urged the suspects to turn themselves in for lenient punishment.

  • Argument over Diaoyu Islands causes fatal bar fight in Hainan

    Argument over Diaoyu Islands causes fatal bar fight in Hainan

    | October 17th, 2012


    A village committee member in Hainan is accused of committing homicide after an argument about the Diaoyu Islands ended in murder on September 27. When a discussion in a Wanning city bar got out of hand, a fight ensued and Wang Moucheng is accused of having used a beer bottle to kill Fu Mouming.

    The topic of controversy? Fu said that Japan would win if the two countries went to war over the Islands. According to media accounts, however, it was Fu who first began the violent altercation, hitting Wang with a beer bottle, and continued to pursue Wang as he tried to run away.

    The incident was first reported by People’s Daily Online on October 15. iFeng news features a long article about the whole case and how it was solved after Wang fled to the mountains. The excerpt on how the killing took place is below:

    The incident occurred just because of an argument over who would win a “China vs. Japan War Over Diaoyu Islands”?

    Suspect Wang Moucheng, nicknamed “Ya di.” Man, Li ethnicity, born on July 3, 1976, age 36, unmarried, a member of the Chengfeng village committee of Wanning city.

    On September 27 at 9 pm, Wang Moucheng rode a motorcycle with his village friend Ji Mouwen to a bar in Xinglong to drink. Around 11 pm, Ji Mouwen’s friend gave him a call inviting him to come over and drink together. Wang Moucheng and Ji Mouwen got on the bike and rode over to join his friend.

    At a crowded and exciting bar with music blaring, they found a table with 7 or 8 youths drinking and took a seat and start drinking. Shortly after sitting down, Wang Moucheng heard a nearby patron, Fu Mouming (nickname: Xiao Nong), discussing who would win if Japan and China went to war over the Diaoyu Islands. Fu Mouming was insisting that Japan would win. Wang Moucheng eagerly joined in argument, saying China would win, and the two men continued to argue nonstop.

    After arguing for just over a minute, the argument become more and more heated the more they argued. Fu Mouming angrily picked up an empty beer bottle and smashed it on Wang Moucheng’s face. Wang Moucheng fell down and blood was rushing from the left side of his face. At this time, a few of Fu Mouming’s friends prepared to hit Wang, but Wang picked up an empty beer bottle and ran away. Fu Mouming continued to chase Wang Moucheng. Wang say Fu chasing him and shattered the bottom of his beer bottle, then he attacked Fu with the remaining half of the bottle, hitting Fu’s abdomen and causing his intestines to spill out.

    Below are more excerpts from the full article:

    Hainan Youth Says, “If China Starts a War With Japan Over Diaoyu Islands, Japan Will Win,” Is Killed

    Byline: People’s Daily Online (Renmin Wang) Hainan Office, Oct. 15 (Reporter Ning Yuan, Correspondent Zeng Wang)

    On September 27, at a bar in Wanning City, Xinglong County, a homicide occurred. The suspect was on the run, hiding in the mountains, and a manhunt ensued.

    In order to quickly catch him, the Wanning public security bureau chief Zhang Zhaoteng, vice bureau chief Xie Guobiao, and criminal police units gave up their Mid Autumn Festival and National Festival vacations.

    They have traveled at double speed searching through the four cities of Wanning, Lingshui, Baoting, and Qiongdong, to surround and block off the mountain areas, making the whole province and all its ports inescapable. … Finally, after 15 days, the truth has been uncovered about what led to this terrible “2012.9.27” murder story.

    Murder occurs at bar, Police question perpetrator’s friends

    On September 27, after receiving numerous reports, the Hedong unit of the Wanning police hurried to the scene. Inside the bar, they saw a male youth laying on the floor with his intestines hanging out, unable to speak.

    They immediately protected the scene and took the victim to the nearby Xinglong Red Cross Hospital. On the morning of September 28, just past 1 am, the victim was in very serious condition and died while he was being moved to Wanning People’s Hospital. The police hurried to the scene and investigated, but a lot of eyewitnesses didn’t know who was the perpetrator. Shortly after, the police returned to the bar and found a cell phone and a motorcycle that the perpetrator left behind at the scene.

    In order to ascertain the perpetrator’s identity, the Wanning investigation unit went to the bar and used the cell phone left behind to call some contacts, pretending to be a bar employee and told them that their friend’s motorcycle was still there and that they should recover it.

    Later, the police descend on the vicinity of the bar. Not long after, two men arrived at the bar wanting to recover their friend’s motorcycle. The police restrained them and brought them to the station for questioning. According to the account of the men at the police station, the perpetrator was Wang Moucheng, a member of the Changfeng village committee.

    Suspect escapes into the mountains, Wanning police cut off exit routes

    Thus, the Wanning public security investigation unit established a “2012.9.27” special investigatory unit and divided the unit into 3 teams. At the same time, the case attracted Wanning municiple committee clerk Ding Shijiang’s attention. At the time, Ding Shijiang said: “I requested the public security office organize an elite team to investigate this case with all their resources, quickly eliminate the threat to society, and protect the harmony of the national holiday.”

    Wanning mayor Zhang Meiwen, the municiple committee deputy secretary, politics and law committee secretary Li Dongyu, also put out a statement saying, “We demand the public security bureau fights at all cost to bring this case to justice in a timely manner in order to keep society safe and stable.”

    The police changed their center of gravity to focus on the suspect’s family, and the family tried to convince him to turn himself in. … The suspect discovered the letters from his family in their own handwriting. His face was streaming with tears, but he had still not decided to turn himself in. One day passed after another, and finally, 15 days later, he agreed to turn himself in.

  • US Elections and Organ Harvesting (Video)

    US Elections and Organ Harvesting (Video) PDF Print E-mail
    Written by China Uncensored Staff   

    Human rights activists are urging the candidates for the US Presidential election to pay attention to the crimes against humanity being committed by the Chinese regime when considering the context of US-China relations.

    Tens of thousands of ‘prisoners of conscience’ in China have been victims of organ harvesting, much of the time while they were still alive. Chinese military hospitals operate the organized business of killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs, a practice that began after the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) more than a decade ago.

    Soon after a short documentary produced by New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television was posted online, it was recirculated by Eamonn Fingleton, a former editor for Forbes and The Financial Times, and author of the book In the Jaws of the Dragon: America’s Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Dominance.

    On Forbes’ website, he posted the video with the recommendation that it made for apropos viewing in the context of the presidential race, and questions over the United State’s policy toward communist China.

    “If this clip does not focus American attention on the ethical implications of China’s rise, nothing will,” Fingleton wrote.

    Activists have also delivered letters to President Obama and Governor Romney asking for their support for an international investigation into these atrocities.

  • Chinese Villager Set on Fire, By Demolition Crew or Himself?

    Chinese Villager Set on Fire, By Demolition Crew or Himself?

    An elderly Chinese villager on fire in Hunan province.

    From Sina Weibo: (no longer available)

    @浣铁军: Demolishing and relocation – The blood curdling shrieks of a living person set on fire! Ripping apart the hearts of every Chinese person: The wretched sight of a living person being set of fire pierces the clear eyes of every Chinese person! Yet another elderly person burned like charcoal and close to death lies in the hospital! On October 14th, in the Yunfeng neighborhood of Xiangtang City, Hunan Province, and as a result of demolition and relocation talks that have been continuously failed, those responsible for the demolition recruited members of the criminal underworld to inhumanly beat up and then set on fire a nearly 60-year-old elderly man. The blood curdling shrieks of a living person set on fire! Ripping apart the hearts of every Chinese person!

    Photos of an elderly Chinese man set on fire in Hunan province of China over a demolition and relocation dispute.

    An elderly Chinese man in Hunan with burns after allegedly being set on fire by demolition crews. The fires have been put out.

    An elderly Chinese man in Hunan with burns after allegedly being set on fire by demolition crews. The fires have been put out.

    An elderly Chinese man in Hunan with burns after allegedly being set on fire by demolition crews. The fires have been put out.

    An elderly Chinese man in Hunan with burns after allegedly being set on fire by demolition crews. The fires have been put out.

    Comments from Sina Weibo: (no longer available)


    Reposting/forwarding in anger! Many people say: You cannot change anything, life is what it is. But, if you want this world to become better, you only need to be a good person yourself. You can totally make this world a little bit better, even if it is just that little bit. Repost/forward, it truly is a kind of strength/power.


    When these things become habitual, what meaning is there for the continued existence of this country?


    I rarely repost/forward ["retweet"] this kind [of news], because there is too much. But this is truly unbearable, although whether this s true or bogus is still waiting to be determined.


    Do they not have any humanity? Motherfuckers.


    In this barbaric land, it is inevitable that there will be barbaric people.


    Are these people still people?


    Political environment is the air, and those people who don’t care about politics are shameful! The actions of Xiangtan’s [of Hunan province] local governments infuriates both the people and god!


    Come on, this is way too savage [going too far]! In the past, there was at least a loincloth, but now it’s just completely naked insanity [there used to at least be some restraint and shame, but now it is shameless and open violence].


    This kind of country does not deserve love [patriotism].


    This country, for money and houses, is no longer human.

    From Xinhua (on Sina Weibo):

    Hunan Xiangtan demolition and relocation staff engaged in demolition of home without permission causing villager to self-immolate

    Xiangtan city report, the news about Xiangtan demolition and relocation personnel setting a homeowner to be relocated on fire is an incident of the builder acting on their own to tear down the [victim's] home causing the villager to set himself on fire. In order to get the engineering/construction project and without obtaining the permission of the relevant departments, Zhongtian Company project manager Qiang Yuqing and Xiangtan city Baota Street Yunfeng neighborhood villager Feng Changsheng (village party secretary’s brother) directly caused this villager Shi Ganming’s self-immolation. (Reporter Liu Lianghen

    Who do you believe?

    A home being demolished by an excavator.

  • China’s ‘Basketball Grandma’ fighting aging and poverty becomes Internet star

    China’s ‘Basketball Grandma’ fighting aging and poverty becomes Internet star

    October 18, 2012Jing Gao3 Comments, , , , , ,

    Zhu Shumei, 76, has captured Chinese net users’ hearts lately. Standing only 150 cm tall (5 ft.), the hunchbacked granny plays basketball every day on a university campus in Jinhua, Zhejiang province in East China. After photos of her exercising got viral on Chinese social media, netizens gave her a lovely nickname: “Basketball Grandma.”

    Zhu has been playing basketball since 20 years ago. It is said that she almost never misses a shot. In addition to basketball, her daily exercise routines also include running, parallel bars and pole-climbing.

    A student of Zhejiang Normal University, impressed by the sight of the energetic and sporty grandma, took pictures of her and uploaded them to Sina Weibo, Chinese hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, which immediately attracted a huge amount of attention. Many young net users said they were touched by the fighting spirits of the granny and felt ashamed of themselves.

    It is later learned that Zhu’s life is never as sunny as she seems. At 53, she was divorced by her ex-husband and had to take care of her mentally-ill daughter all by herself. Her income, all of which comes from the subsistance allowances meted out by the government, is so meager (437 yuan, or US$70, per month) and makes her so insecure about her future, that she started to exercise as much as possibly to avoid getting sick.

    Zhu was told by her local community that she would be entitled to a monthly pension of 1,100 yuan (US$175) if only she could make a 31,428-yuan (US$5,000) down payment to qualify for the pension program. She truly wished to join the program, however, the amount of money is far beyond what she could possibly afford.

    After the students at the university learned about her financial situation, they decided to help her by raising money on the internet. The good news is, not only have donations poured in, they have also found her a major contributor who is generous enough to improve her living conditions.

    It is said that Grandma Zhu has a 100-percent field goal percentage, although she said she has been put under a lot of pressure to prove herself as a great shooter after she became famous.

    The Spalding basketball in her hand, which cost her more than her monthly income, is her baby. In the summer, she gives it a cold bath every time before going to the court so that it will not explode from heat.

    She is 76 and only 150 cm tall because of having a hunchback.

    She has never owned a house of her own and has been having trouble paying the rent for her little dwelling unit, living off on a monthly allowance of 437 yuan, or US$70.

    Any idea why she exercises so hard? To avoid getting sick, because any illness leads to medical bills she can never pay off.

    Climbing the pole is a piece of cake to her.

    She also runs at least 10 laps on the 400-meter track every day.

    Parallel bars, chin-up bars…Nothing on the field daunts her.

    After her story was revealed on the web, she has become such a head-turner that she has to “hide” her basketball in a black garbage bag on her way to the basketball court.

    Grandma Zhu gets home from her practice.

    Her home is quite shabby.

    Grandma Zhu goes to a farmers’ market for grocery shopping.

    Smile is her attitude toward life.

  • Chinese flags at half-mast for Cambodia’s former king Norodam Sihanouk anger netizens

    Chinese flags at half-mast for Cambodia’s former king Norodam Sihanouk anger netizens

    October 17, 2012Jing Gao2 Comments, , , , , , , , , , ,

    Chinese flags on a number of landmarks in Beijing, including Tiananmen Square, Xinhua Gate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Beijing’s airports, will be flown at half-mast all day Tuesday, as the body of former Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk, who died of a heart attack at 90 in the city last week, is scheduled to be returned to his native land.

    Norodom Sihanouk has long been officially recognized in China as “Chinese people’s long-time friends,” a term widely misunderstood by ordinary Chinese people to be applied solely to Communist dictators or heads of states that are Beijing’s allies, when in fact Chinese government did use the term on politicians in democratic countries like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon who have worked to defrost or enhance relations with China. Other “Chinese people’s long-time friends” that fit this misconception include Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceaușescu and Kim Jong-il.

    Sihanouk with Mao Zedong and then premier Zhou Enlai on Tiananmen Gate in 1970

    Sihanouk with former Chines president Jiang Zemin

    Sihanouk, in the eyes of the Chinese general public, was a dictator, for he befriended Beijing at a time when China was so isolated and so messed up that only despots in the Third World would want to be associated with it. Those who were born in before the 80s must also have been too familiar with the fact that Sihanouk was well accommodated in Beijing both as an exiled king following a coup in the 1970s and after his abdication in 2004.

    Even during his rule, he often flew to Beijing for treatment of his illness, with almost every expense paid for by Beijing. A news story published in state-run media even states that back in 1973, in preparation for a state-banquet hosted by then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai for him, a restaurant in Shanghai killed 208 chickens to collect chicken eggs needed for a single dish. Those who are particularly knowledgeable and well-informed also know that the former king once gave in to the Khmer Rouge, which was responsible for the mass killing of millions of Cambodians.

    Therefore, when the news came that Beijing flies flags at half-mast for him, many Chinese on the web were immediately angered. One post on Sina Weibo, a microblogging site that boasts hundreds of millions of users, accuses Chinese government of the gesture. Within three hours, it had been forwarded 11,802 times.

    [National mourning] For the bullet train crash in Wenzhou, no flag was flown at half-mast; for the school bus accident, no flag was flown at half-mast; for the July 21 Beijing rainstorm, no flag was flown at half-mast; for the landslide in Yunnan, no flag was flown at half-mast; for the fatal car accident during the Golden Week, no flag was flown at half-mast; for the fisherman shot to death by South Korean coast guard, no flag was flown at half-mast. Today, after the death of a Cambodian good-for-nothing old guy, who had freeloaded off us taxpayers for decades, you immediately flew the flag at half-mast. You guys make people’s hearts chill!

    Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most hard-hitting and acrimonious comments it has generated:

    越界影视:It is learned that those who made the original list for the half-mast-worthy included Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceaușescu. But those were canceled for some reason.

    何胁社会:F**k your ancestors. So often Chinese people are killed for no good reason, and you fly the flag at half-mast for an old hooligan who cheated for free food and drink? Damn, so it wasn’t enough that he was fed for decades? Having been born in this country is a huge shame and joke. [怒]

    arr10新浪个人认证 :The ship collision in Hong Kong killed more than 30; both the Hong Kong government and PRC’s Liaison office in Hong Kong flew the flag at half-mast. The bus accident on the highway in the mainland burnt also more than 30, the government did not even give a shit. So it seems the mainland and China are still different…

    Cyn-C:If China were truly to fly the flag for deaths of the ordinary people, then the flag would not possibly be hoisted back.

    卢会长:So the face shown to the outside is more important than the face shown to the inside.

    牙医哥隋强新浪个人认证 :I wonder what he had done for the Chinese people.

    colvern微博达人:In addition to a freeloader, he was also a womanizer.

    sinesoft:Yesterday, a pig died in our village. These flags must have been flown for that.

    杜楠爆料:A Cambodian King died. Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is an immense loss of the Chinese people. What have I lost? What have you lost? Where did this even come from?

    无畏上将高尔察克: One budget item has been lost when they write budget requests.

  • 【杨宁】:《纽约时报》为


    《纽时》爆料的内容来自周永康等江系残余势力,其目的就是打击温家宝,削弱其在党内的地位,进而改变薄案的审理结果。(AFP/Getty Images)




    现在的问题是《纽时》为何敢刊登这样的材料呢?虽然其驻上海记者巴尔博扎(David Barboza)声称是独家调查的材料,但有外媒记者证实,多家海外媒体都收到了类似资料。比如美国之音在26日当天的视频节目中,就提到“美国之音驻京记者东方在现场连线介绍,在北京的英文媒体的机构或者说外文媒体的机构都收到一份非常厚的报告,包括温家宝家人的经济投资情况,甚至包括一些审计机构的认证”。从诸多外媒机构同时收到报告来看,显然,这是有组织、有目的、有针对性的活动。



    只是《纽时》为何并未向彭博新闻社学习甄别材料的真伪呢?此前几个月,彭博社透露,该新闻机构收到曝光的所谓习近平家族的材料有1,000多页,其中把习近平亲属的公司报表都收集完全,甚至还有亲属的个人身份证 复印件、家庭住址照片等,还有数年前共事人士的所谓证据、证言等。然而,彭博社进行了反覆的调查和分析后承认,这些材料不能证明习近平曾用个人权力帮家族谋利,没找到习家族任何不正当经营的证据。



  • 薄熙来立案同日 中共突停审

    薄熙来立案同日 中共突停审最大活摘器官案







    26日深夜11点42分,官方报导称 :“薄熙来因涉嫌犯罪,最高人民检察院经审查决定,依法对其立案侦查并采取强制措施,案件侦查工作正在依法进行中。”


























    大纪元获悉,薄熙来案的核心真相一直被掩盖。为配合江泽民的迫害政策,薄熙来、谷开来涉及活摘器官、非法在国际贩卖尸体等罪恶,英国人海伍德(Neil Heywood)卷入薄谷在国际贩卖器官、尸体等事件被调查,薄熙来和谷开来害怕罪恶被曝光,从而海伍德被“灭口”。

  • The Cultish Traits of the Chinese Communist Party

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    Banned Books

    The Communist Party is essentially an evil cult that harms mankind.

    Although the Communist Party has never called itself a religion, it matches every single trait of a religion. See the table below.

    At the beginning of its establishment, it regarded Marxism as the absolute truth in this world and denied the existence of anything beyond this world. It piously worshiped Marx as its god and exhorted people to engage in a life-long struggle for the goal of building a “communist heaven on earth.”

    The Communist Party is significantly different from any righteous religion. All orthodox religions believe in God and benevolence, and their purpose is to instruct humanity about morality and to save souls. The Communist Party does not believe in God and opposes traditional morality.

    What the Communist Party has done proves itself to be an evil cult. The Communist Party’s doctrines are based upon class struggle, violent revolution, and the dictatorship of the proletariat and have resulted in the so-called “communist revolution” full of blood and violence.

    The red terror under communism has lasted for about a century, bringing disasters to dozens of countries and costing tens of millions of lives. The communist belief, one that created a hell on earth, is nothing but the vilest cult in the world.

    The Communist Party’s cultish traits can be summarized under six headings:

    1. Concoction of Doctrines and Elimination of Dissidents

    The Communist Party holds up Marxism as its religious doctrine and shows it off as the unbreakable truth. The doctrines of the Communist Party lack benevolence and tolerance. Instead, they are full of arrogance.

    Marxism was a product of the initial period of capitalism when productivity was low and science was underdeveloped. It didn’t have a correct understanding at all of the relationships between humanity and society or humanity and nature.

    Unfortunately, this heretical ideology developed into the international communist movement and harmed the human world for over a century before the people discarded it, having found it completely wrong in practice.

    Party leaders since Lenin have always amended the cult’s doctrines. From Lenin’s theory of violent revolution, to Mao Zedong’s theory of continuous revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat, to Jiang Zemin’s “Three Represents,” the Communist Party’s history is full of such heretical theory and fallacy.

    Eliminating dissidents is the most effective means for the evil cult of communism to spread its doctrine. Because the doctrine and behavior of this evil cult are too ridiculous, the Communist Party has to force people to accept them, relying on violence to eliminate dissidents.

    2. Promoting Worship of the Leader and Supremacist Views

    From Marx to Jiang Zemin, the Communist Party leaders’ portraits are prominently displayed for worship. The absolute authority of the Party leaders forbids any challenge. Mao Zedong was set up as the “red sun” and “big liberator.” The Party spoke outrageously about his writing, saying “one sentence equals 10,000 ordinary sentences.”

    As an ordinary Party member, Deng Xiaoping once dominated Chinese politics like an overlord. Jiang Zemin’s “Three Represents” theory is merely a little over 40 characters, long, including punctuation, but the CCP Fourth Plenary Session boosted it as “providing a creative answer to questions such as what socialism is, how to construct socialism, what kind of party we are building, and how to build the Party.”

    3. Violent Brainwashing and Mind Control

    The CCP’s organization is extremely tight: One needs two Party members’ references before admission; a new member must swear to be loyal to the Party forever once admitted; Party members must pay membership dues, attend organizational activities, and take part in group political study.

    The Party organizations penetrate all levels of the government. There are basic CCP organizations in every single village, town, and neighborhood. The CCP controls not only its Party members and Party affairs, but also those who are not members because the entire regime must “adhere to the Party’s leadership.”.

    Joining the CCP is like signing an irrevocable contract to sell one’s body and soul. With the Party’s rules being always above the laws of the nation, the Party can dismiss any Party member at will, while the individual Party member cannot quit the CCP without incurring severe punishment. Quitting the Party is considered disloyal and will bring about dire consequences.

    4. Urging Violence, Carnage, and Sacrifice for the Party

    Mao Zedong said, “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained, and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”[4]

    Deng Xiaoping recommended “killing 200,000 people in exchange for 20 years’ stability.”

    Jiang Zemin ordered, “Destroy them [Falun Gong practitioners] physically, ruin their reputation, and bankrupt them financially.”

    5. Denying Belief in God and Smothering Human Nature

    The CCP promotes atheism and claims that religion is the opiate of the people. It used its power to crush all religions in China, and then it deified itself, giving absolute rule of the country to the CCP cult.

    At the same time that the CCP sabotaged religion, it also destroyed traditional culture. It claimed that tradition, morality, and ethics were feudalistic, superstitious, and reactionary, eradicating them in the name of revolution.

    During the Cultural Revolution, widespread ugly phenomena violated Chinese traditions, such as married couples accusing each other, students beating their teachers, fathers and sons turning against each other, Red Guards wantonly killing the innocent, and mobs beating, smashing, and looting. These were the natural consequences of the CCP’s smothering human nature.

    After establishing its regime, the CCP forced minority nationalities to pledge allegiance to the communist leadership, compromising the rich and colorful ethnic culture they had established.

    On June 4, 1989, the so-called “People’s Liberation Army” massacred many students in Beijing. This caused the Chinese to completely lose hope in China’s political future. From then on, everyone’s focus turned to making money.

    From 1999 to this day, the CCP has been brutally persecuting Falun Gong, turning against Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance (the fundamental principles of Falun Gong) and thereby causing an accelerated decline in moral standards.

    Since the beginning of this new century, a new round of illegal land enclosure[6] and seizure of monetary and material resources by the corrupt CCP officials in collusion with profiteers has driven many people to become destitute and homeless.

    The number of people appealing to the government in an attempt to have an injustice settled has increased sharply, and social conflict has intensified. Large-scale protests are frequent, which the police and armed forces have violently suppressed. The fascist nature of the “Republic” has become prominent, and society has lost its moral conscience.

    In the past, a villain didn’t harm his next door neighbors, or, as the saying goes, the fox preys far from home. Nowadays, when people want to con someone, they would rather target their relatives and friends, and call it “killing acquaintances.”

    In the past, Chinese nationals cherished chastity above all else, whereas people today ridicule the poor but not the prostitutes. The history of the destruction of human nature and morals in China is vividly displayed in a ballad below:

    In the 50s people helped one another,
    In the 60s people strove with one another,
    In the 70s people swindled one another,
    In the 80s people cared only for themselves,
    In the 90s people took advantage of anyone they ran into.

    6. Monopolization of the Economy

    The sole purpose of establishing the CCP was to seize power by armed force and then to generate a system of state ownership in which the state holds monopolies in the planned economy. The CCP’s wild ambition far surpasses that of the ordinary evil cults that simply accumulate money.

    In a country of socialist public ownership ruled by the Communist Party, Party organizations that hold great power (that is, the Party committees and branches at various levels) are imposed upon or possess the normal state infrastructure. The possessing Party organizations control state machinery and draw funds directly from the budgets of the governments at different levels. Like a vampire, the CCP has sucked a huge amount of wealth from the nation.

    (Excepts from the first part of Chapter 8 of Nine Commentaries on the Communist party )

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