October 31, 2012

  • Diaoyu islands demonstrator severally injured Japanese car owner, caught by police

    Diaoyu islands demonstrator severally injured Japanese car owner, caught by police

    | October 5th, 2012

    From Netease:


    Cai, The suspect who severely injured a Japanese car owner at a anti-Japanese / Protecting Diaoyu island demonstration was caught in Henan Province on Oct 2. The case is currently under investigation. On September 15th, Xi’an residence Li Jianli drove his Japanese brand car and encountered the crowd of anti-Japan demonstration. His car was attacked and damaged by dozens of people and his head was struck 4 times by suspect with a U shaped steel lock, which cracked his skull.

    On October 2nd, the criminal team of Xi’an Police Bureau Lian Hu branch posted a micro blog announcing that the 9.15 demonstration case was cracked and the suspect who attacked Li was caught. The case is still under investigation. The journalist of Western Net then confirmed this news from the police bureau.

    According to the official news from the Police department of Henan Province, the suspect was confirmed to be the one who brutally attacked the owner of a Japanese car. The suspect is transferred to the Xi’an police.


    A screenshot of the micro blog: suspect in the rear seat

    News review: a Japanese car owner’s skull was struck four times

    September 15th, Li Jianli, who drove his Toyota Corolla was attacked by a crowd of people. His head was severely injured by a U-shaped steel lock. His skull was cracked and he was knocked unconscious . His wife was begging those people who were smashing their car, “It’s not easy for us to earn some money to buy a car. It’s our fault that we bought a Japanese car. We promise to never buy it again.”

    The journalist received a video yesterday about the attack. This video showed what had happened at the scene. Li held a brick trying to protect his car, and had conflicts with the activists. He was then hit severely four times in the head and just fell onto the ground.

    The 1 minute and 14 second long video was shot by a netizen. A the time it was very chaotic, the Corolla was under attack by a guy wearing a white t-shirt who held a U-shaped lock and smashing the front windshield of the car. The owner was wearing a black t-shirt. Trying to protect his car, he hit the suspect back with a brick.

    The suspect went back several steps and then rushed to Li, jumping and waving his lock, hitting Li in the head. The lock was hitting exactly in his skull, making a clear sound. Li fell down. The suspect then hit three more times until he was stopped by a young man nearby.

    Li’s wife ran from the other side of the car. Seeing his husband lying on the ground, she pressed against his wound and realized the severity. She turned around and called for help hysterically. Li’s body was paralyzed after a while, lying unconsciously on the ground. There are still sounds of smashing the car in the video.

    The crowed then gathered around Li. A young man in grey took his phone out and shouted: “let’s save this man first, we are all Chinese.” people nearby agreed: “save him first, call 110!”

    Some people then came and moved a van in front of Li. There was already a lot of blood on the ground. The video ended at this point.



    Li’s wife calling for help



    Because Li’s wife Wang was at the other side of the car, she did not see most of the attacking process. Moreover, Li has lost most of his linguistic capability, making it impossible for him to tell the story. The incident lasted only seconds, and no witness can be found. So this video was very precious for solving the crime, it comprehensively and exactly restore the scene for the police. Li was trying to protect his car, but almost lost his life for it.

    Now Li is still in the hospital to receive medical treatment. His condition has not improved yet. Miss Wang said his left leg can move, left hand can lift and grasp. But he can not move his right hand and hardly his right thigh..

    in regards to him protecting his car, law expert said that any citizen has the right and responsibility to do so. Morning of October 1st, the leaders in the Xi’an municipal government and police bureau went to the hospital to see Li Jianli and gave them 20,000 RMB for treatment. They promised to catch the suspect and put him under justice.

    The police have made the photos of the suspect who attacked Li Jianli along with 9 other activists who were involved in the incident public. They encouraged citizens to provide more clues and urged the suspects to turn themselves in for lenient punishment.


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